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The artistic and innovative combination of glass and textile sets the stage for the rise of a new, unique product category, where traditional craftsmanship and industrial high-tech complement each other. Glass textile designs are always created on an individual basis to fully meet clients’ special needs.

The visually pleasing appearance of glass textile offers a wide range of use, in particular in the field of architecture, interior design, product design and artistic installations. Interior designers prefer to take advantage of its versatile nature in private homes and public locations as well as it is a perfect decorative element in lounges, restaurants, clubs, or to elevate the aesthetic appeal of corporate working and client reception spaces.

Currently, glass textile is mostly used indoors as space divider, shower cabin, furniture or wall cover panel, sliding door, lighting element lining. Outdoors it offers multifaceted options for example as decorative direction sign elements in public areas such as the newly built underground stations in Budapest.

For more information about Glass Textile please visit our other website dedicated solely to this product category.

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