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Andrea Hegedűs has dedicated her new glass textile collection to an integral part of Budapest, the Danube. The designer grew up in the Hungarian Capital and apart from having spent a few years abroad she had always lived & worked in the city that is famously divided by the river. The Danube serves to her as an endless source of inspiration as well as she enjoys unwinding and relaxing on its shores. The current Serenity of the Danube collection consists of a lamp-duo, a delicate coffee table, a set of coasters, and a heating room divider – all made of glass textile.

The Serenity of the Danube lamp-duo is available in two sizes: the Gentleman version is tall and seems mysterious by slowly changing its color over time given the built-in RGB regulator, while the Lady version suggests classic elegance and harmony with its equally long sides and height as well as with her single light color. The pattern of the noble silk fabric that has been carefully inserted into the Serenity of the Danube lamps by hand reflects the dancing waves of the Danube, while different light shades represent different moods arising from the reflection of the sunrays on the waves.

The designer's desire to transmit the atmosphere of the Danube into any given living space is perfected in the filigree glass textile coffee table. The pattern placed on the top part of table will look differently at various hours of the day when natural and artificial lights change – just as it is the case with the different moods of the Danube, depending on the time of the day or the year.

Handcrafted set of coasters can be safely placed on any even platform to give served drinks an elegant base. The pattern placed in the middle of the coasters reminds us of relaxing minutes spent on the shores of the Danube or at a higher point of the city while watching the river flowing away towards the South.

The innovative highlight of the Serenity of the Danube collection is the heating room divider. It is a mobile design object that can be placed anywhere in a living space and can be easily moved around. It gives us warmth during the colder months of the year and at same time it serves as an eye-catcher, even when it is not switched on for heating. The metal particles placed into the middle of the room divider mysteriously reflect and break the light and will definitely attract everyone's attention.

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mayabee designs creates and manufactures high quality nursery products at affordable prices and offers colorful, fun and innovative products that not only protect the little ones but also provide the necessary visual stimulation to babies in their early development. Andrea Hegedűs was commissioned by the Andreea Kis – founder and CEO of mayabee designs – to craft and design the first six collections for her newly launched brand. The project included the design of the entire color and motif experience including sumptuous embroidery and appliqué details as well as consulting services to support the client throughout the production phase of the sample pieces, too.

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